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Engines with Small, Individual Turbos for Each Cylinder Could Revolutionize Downsizing

From the October 2017 issue Downsized turbocharged engines have become a cornerstone in the car industry’s effort to increase fuel economy. And as CAFE stand­ards push us toward a 54.5-mpg fleet average, engines are bound to get even smaller and turbo boost even higher. Such radically downsized engines can be strong at full throttle but […]

2018 Kia Rio Hatchback Automatic Tested: A Surprising Sophisticate

When you hear someone say “Kia Rio,” certain expectations follow, chief among them a small size and a low price. The newest version of the Rio, redesigned for its fourth generation in the United States, hits those marks with a sub-$15,000 starting cost and tidy dimensions. What you may not expect to find is refinement, […]

Called to Duty: We Drive Chevy SUVs with Special-Ops Veterans—Using Night Vision

Every job requires the proper tool. A lumberjack needs a chain saw. A mechanic needs a wrench. A construction worker needs a hammer. If rolling into hostile enemy territory is the job at hand, a Chevrolet Suburban or Chevrolet Tahoe might just be right for the task. It’s no surprise that the presidential motorcade is […]